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Full Body Tattoo
Ottawa Tattoo Shop

Precision, Culture & Phenomenal Tattoos


Call Between 11am to 7pm


After hours calls will get a call back the following day

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Opening Hours

Tuesday to Saturday 12pm - 7pm


1076 Ogilvie Road
Backdoor entrance 2nd floor,
1 minute drive from St-Laurent mall


Hannah Mason

Tattoo Artist

Hannah is a promising young native-Canadian artist. Coming from Aylmer, Hannah's eye for color is accurate and pays great attention to detail, capable of recreating color images she studies. She values respect, genuine appreciation, a sense of humor and especially your time. 

She loves best tattooing in color realism, on topics like plants, birds and bees.
She also enjoys tattooing fine linework designs and small tattoos. Trust in her and she will do you justice. 


Derrick Lim

Clean, consistent & creative

Born in Montreal and raised in Orleans, Derrick is capable of tattooing in various styles such as line art, watercolors, neo-traditional, black and grey, tribal, blackwork, stylized color portraits, etc.

His unique artistry has developed a large following of tattoo lovers that keep coming back for more.

Easy to talk to and always seeking a challenge, Derrick is ready to take your tattoo vision and turn it into reality.

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