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What We Offer at Our Shop

As artists we prefer designing tattoos ourselves to reflect our skillsets and preferences.


We recommend as such to get the best results over bringing us an existing design and asking for the same result. We'll still service your design choices should you choose against our recommendation.

Bold Line Color
Fine Line Color
Watercolor Freehand
Cover Ups
Black & Wash
Black & Opaque Greys
Scorpions Sting Studio

Very happy with my tattoo it turned out great! Derrick does awesome work.. He is quick, but careful and has a versatile skill set. He is able to draw you up a personalized tattoo and takes the time to work with you to make sure you are happy with the result before going ahead with it. Derrick also does piercings and handles his work professionally. The shop is clean and has a cool vibe that you would expect out of a true artist.

Thanks a bunch Derrick :)
Will definitely be back for more ink sometime soon!


Ottawa Tattoo Shop

I had been wanting for some time to get a watercolour floral half sleeve, and finally decided to reach out to Derrick. He took the time to understand my vision, while imbuing it with his own creativity (he's the artist, after all, not me!).


He also answered all my questions promptly and clearly, and made sure I knew what to expect in terms of cost and time. The end result is a beautiful and unique piece that I am completely thrilled with. Thank you Derrick!

Gabrielle Heroux

Ottawa Tattoo Shop
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